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Louisiana residents may need help navigating elder law

While mourning the loss of a family member, many Louisiana residents may worry about what will happen with the deceased’s remaining assets. Probate is a legal process that addresses wills pertaining to estates, but some individuals may need to determine whether an estate needs to go through such proceedings. Because areas of elder law may be complicated to navigate, individuals may wish to determine where to start.

First, individuals may want to fully assess their circumstances. If there is property that qualifies for probate, such as assets without beneficiary designations, that property may need to be inventoried in order to be addressed during legal proceedings. In addition to determining probate-eligible property, the assets will also likely need to be appraised. This valuation will help determine what type of probate process may be needed.

In many cases, there may be a will that could help guide individuals when it comes to distributing property. However, if there is no will or the estate is otherwise complicated, the proceedings may become too much to handle alone. Luckily, individuals may seek assistance from knowledgeable attorneys who could help attend to paperwork and other details of the estate. 

Because losing a loved one is a difficult time in itself, feeling overwhelmed by estate duties is not uncommon. If Louisiana residents hope to ensure that their loved ones’ estates are being handled properly, they may wish to gain more information on the probate process. Additionally, speaking with experienced elder law attorneys could help parties make sure that important details are not overlooked and that the rightful heirs and beneficiaries obtain the correct property.

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