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December 2016 Archives

New Obama administration rules could affect family law

It is not unusual for Louisiana parents to struggle when it comes to keeping up with child support. Unfortunately, these struggles could potentially lead to parents being put in jail for back support payments. As a result, these parents may face a vicious cycle of incarceration, missed payments and re-incarceration for missing those payments. However, certain changes that could soon take place involving this area of family law could help break this cycle.

Elder law: Health care directives may be useful planning tool

As Louisiana residents get older, they may begin to think more about how they would like certain aspects of their health care addressed. Rather than leave decisions up to chance or not know who may be in the position to make those decisions, individuals may wish to approach these concerns through their estate plans. Health care directives could be added to individuals' plans, and elder law attorneys may be able to help.

Individual details could affect Louisiana divorce cases

When dealing with many of the issues that come with ending a marriage, individuals may find themselves facing extended litigation. Because it is not always easy to reach agreements for divorce settlements, the parties involved may go back and forth hoping to come to the terms they desire. As a result, individuals may need to determine what legal strategies could work for their circumstances. 

Elder law: Avoiding estate planning may hinder Louisiana families

Many Louisiana residents will likely leave behind some assets after they die. However, some individuals may find some aspects of estate planning intimidating and avoid the process altogether. This inaction may prove detrimental, though, as surviving family members will likely be left to sort through the remaining estate. Therefore, individuals may wish to speak with elder law attorneys who could help simplify the estate planning process.

Could I benefit from divorce mediation?

When divorce is inevitable, you naturally may be worried about how you will get through the process as painlessly as possible, both emotionally and financially. Fortunately, although divorce proceedings are often rife with conflicts, it does not have to be that way. Divorce mediation is one alternative to litigation that allows a divorcing couple in the state of Louisiana to resolve issues in a more amicable way.

Preparations may benefit Louisiana residents during divorce

When substantial wealth and various assets are part of a marriage estate, individuals may face certain complications if they decided to end their marriages. High-asset divorce may lead Louisiana residents to wonder how their property could be affected and what steps they could take in order to protect their desired assets. Luckily, individuals often have the chance to prepare for such actions.

Elder law: Don't leave funeral arrangements up in the air

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, many Louisiana residents may have a hard time moving forward. Whether the difficulties stem from emotional challenges or estate-related issues, the situation can become overwhelmingly stressful. Therefore, individuals may wish to encourage family members to explore their estate planning options and consider speaking with elder law attorneys.

Elder law mistakes could add complications to Louisiana estates

Though some Louisiana residents may feel that they can handle creating an estate plan on their own, there is the possibility that errors could be made. Elder law has many facets, and if a will or other estate planning document is not properly created, there is a chance that surviving loved ones could face difficulties in executing the document. There are several mistakes that could lead to such complications.

Divorce may have major financial impact on Louisiana residents

As Louisiana residents and individuals across the country continue to grow older, many married parties may find themselves considering whether to end their marriages. Numerous individuals of older ages are going through divorce, and though such a life change at any age could impact a person's life, older parties may have more financial risks to consider. However, those risks could be calculated and addressed.

Family law: Custody terms may dictate holiday time in Louisiana

Complying with child custody agreements is important after a divorce. However, in many cases, the holidays may cause many Louisiana parents to feel saddened by the possibility of not being able to see their children on a specific day. Some parents may be able to work together to ensure that everyone has pleasant holidays, but family law issues could arise if parents attempt to go against custody terms. 

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