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Elder law: Don’t leave funeral arrangements up in the air

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, many Louisiana residents may have a hard time moving forward. Whether the difficulties stem from emotional challenges or estate-related issues, the situation can become overwhelmingly stressful. Therefore, individuals may wish to encourage family members to explore their estate planning options and consider speaking with elder law attorneys.

If an individual does not create an estate plan detailing how funeral arrangements should be handled, there is a possibility that surviving family could disagree when it comes to those types of decisions. As a result, the funeral could be delayed as the family works to determine who is considered responsible and has the final say in arrangements. The answer to that question could vary, depending on the circumstances. 

If an individual created a declaration naming an agent, a party may have already been appointed to carry out the necessary duties associated with the funeral. If such a declaration was not made but a power of attorney agent had been previously appointed, that individual may be considered responsible for making arrangements. Because many individuals do not want such questions left up in the air, they may wish to consider some estate planning. 

The idea of estate planning may seem intimidating, but even a small amount of planning could go a long way. Additionally, elder law attorneys are available and could help interested Louisiana residents better understand their options. Legal professionals may also be able to assist individuals in understanding what documents may be needed for their particular cases and how much planning may be prudent.

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