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Elder law: Health care directives may be useful planning tool

As Louisiana residents get older, they may begin to think more about how they would like certain aspects of their health care addressed. Rather than leave decisions up to chance or not know who may be in the position to make those decisions, individuals may wish to approach these concerns through their estate plans. Health care directives could be added to individuals’ plans, and elder law attorneys may be able to help.

There are certain concerns that may surround these directives for some parties. They may fear that their wishes will not be honored as they had dictated in their directives or that an unwanted individual will make certain decisions. Therefore, individuals may want to be as clear as possible in their plans to ensure that their wishes are known. Additionally, they may wish to look into further documentation if they wish for their doctors to make final decisions.

Individuals may also want to keep their health care directives updated. Because parties may change their minds about how they want certain situations handled, it is important that the legal documentation also reflects those changes. Medical advances and the possibility of a previously unconsidered scenario are just two reasons to keep plans up-to-date. 

The fear of medical decisions being mishandled can put added stress on everyone involved. Health care directives and other plans could help lessen the possibility of confusion and uncertainty. Interested Louisiana residents may wish to consult with experienced elder law attorneys who can provide useful information on health care directives and other estate planning tools.

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