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Family law: Custody terms may dictate holiday time in Louisiana

Complying with child custody agreements is important after a divorce. However, in many cases, the holidays may cause many Louisiana parents to feel saddened by the possibility of not being able to see their children on a specific day. Some parents may be able to work together to ensure that everyone has pleasant holidays, but family law issues could arise if parents attempt to go against custody terms. 

If parents have shared custody and wish to share holidays, they may try to split the time that children spend with each parent as evenly as possible. Some parties may even wish to have the family together in hopes of each parent getting to share in the special moments of the holidays. If parents feel uncomfortable using their own homes to host events, they may be able to find a neutral location.

In the event that parents do not share custody and do not want to get together for the holidays, they may wish to consult their custody agreement. In many cases, the terms will detail how holiday schedules may be divided. If issues arise over the terms, it is important to remember that those terms are legally binding. 

Many Louisiana residents may wish to consider holiday time when they are going through their divorces and hashing out the terms of their custody agreements. Because these terms typically result in a court order, parents can be held accountable if they do not follow those terms. Individuals may wish to consult with family law attorneys in order to determine how to craft the agreement terms they desire as well as what steps to take in the event that a parent disobeys those terms.

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