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New Obama administration rules could affect family law

It is not unusual for Louisiana parents to struggle when it comes to keeping up with child support. Unfortunately, these struggles could potentially lead to parents being put in jail for back support payments. As a result, these parents may face a vicious cycle of incarceration, missed payments and re-incarceration for missing those payments. However, certain changes that could soon take place involving this area of family law could help break this cycle.

It was recently reported that the Obama administration issued child support-related rules. These rules are working toward ending state regulations that contribute to incarcerated individuals accruing substantial back child support while in jail. The new rules would allow prisoners the ability to pursue lower support payments in order to reduce the probability of significant debt. 

Because incarceration is often treated as voluntary unemployment, prisoners are not able to modify child support agreements. These new regulations would help incarcerated parties potentially reach more manageable support payments that they could effectively address after their release. It was noted in the report that there is a possibility for conflict with these changes as President-elect Trump takes office.

Family law changes can often have a profound effect on individuals’ lives. Therefore, staying updated on such potential changes may be wise. If Louisiana residents feel that such regulation changes could affect their situations, they may wish to consult with their legal counsel. Experienced attorneys may be better able to explain the potential impacts for particular situations and what steps individuals may need to take if they are considering child support modifications.

Source: Reuters, “Obama administration revamps child support rules for prisoners“, Ayesha Rascoe, Dec. 19, 2016


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