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Preparations may benefit Louisiana residents during divorce

When substantial wealth and various assets are part of a marriage estate, individuals may face certain complications if they decided to end their marriages. High-asset divorce may lead Louisiana residents to wonder how their property could be affected and what steps they could take in order to protect their desired assets. Luckily, individuals often have the chance to prepare for such actions.

One couple in another state will undoubtedly consider such steps to address their divorce case. It was recently reported that wife of billionaire businessman Bill Gross filed for divorce last month. Details on what may have led to the decision to end the marriage was not given in the report, and comments from either party were not obtained for the report. 

It was noted that Gross has a current net worth of $2.4 billion. It is possible that the couple had a prenuptial agreement to address possible property division and other topics, but it was not mentioned in the report whether such a document exists. Undoubtedly, each party will want to work toward the outcomes that he or she finds most agreeable. 

Because considerable wealth can be a point of contention during divorce, making preparations for proceedings that cause concern may be wise. Louisiana residents who are facing a high-asset divorce may wish to discuss their concerns with their legal counsel in hopes of finding the paths that may be best suited for their particular cases. Additionally, individuals with considerable wealth may also wish to take the time to consider prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.

Source: Reuters, “Wife of billionaire Pimco co-founder Bill Gross files for divorce“, Jennifer Ablan and Dan Levine, Dec. 8, 2016


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