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Louisiana residents may find prenups a useful divorce safeguard

When individuals have already ended a marriage and are considering entering another, they may consider themselves wiser when it comes to how they approach their relationships. Because going through divorce can act as a great teacher, parties may now see the importance of documents such as a prenuptial agreement. As a result, Louisiana residents moving forward with a second or subsequent marriage may wish to consider an agreement of their own.

Entering into a marriage with numerous personal assets is becoming more common. Individuals who are marrying later in life or have been married before have likely accumulated property of their own that they would like to keep in the event of a divorce. Luckily, rather than having to go through nitpicking procedures if the marriage does end, parties can come to terms with their prenups before the marriage takes place. 

In addition to premarital property, couples could also address how alimony may be awarded. If one spouse leaves his or her job in order to care for the children and keep up the home, the couple may wish to discuss how the years out of the workforce could play into their alimony agreements. Compensation for sacrifices made may be of interest to one or both parties. 

Though no marriage is certain to fail, preparing for the possibility of divorce may nonetheless be wise. A prenuptial agreement may never come to use if the couple stays together, but it could act as a safeguard and lessen the stress of separation proceedings if it is necessary. Louisiana residents who may soon be getting married may wish to discuss the uses of a prenup with experienced attorneys.

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