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Which spouse can receive alimony?

Money can be a huge issue between spouses when they are going through a divorce. One spouse may feel as though they deserve alimony, while the other may feel as though they deserve nothing. It is not uncommon for spouses to disagree about who should receive alimony, but depending on the circumstances, there is a good chance that the requesting spouse will get what they want.

Both spouses in the midst of a divorce may question which one can receive alimony. Either spouse can request to receive alimony, but there are a number of factors that play a role in how the courts decide which spouse, if any, will be awarded alimony. Not only will the courts look at each person’s monthly income, but they will also use the length of the marriage, standard of living and more to help them come to a decision.

The reason the courts need this information is because they need a better understanding of how the divorce will affect each party. There are many factors that courts use to help them decide if someone is entitled to spousal support making it difficult to be sure what will be determined. Those seeking alimony should note that they may only receive it for a few years, as it is only there to help a person until they are financially stable.

When a spouse feels as though they deserve alimony, they should not hesitate to request it. There may be a lot that needs to be looked into before anything can be awarded, but this could actually benefit you in the end. Anyone who has filed for divorce may want to request assistance from a skilled attorney.


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