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Family law: Louisiana parents may want legal custody terms

Facing child custody issues can be hard for any parent. However, if Louisiana parents do not have a legally binding custody agreement in place, their issues may face additional complications. Therefore, individuals may wish to speak with experienced family law attorneys in order to get their terms in order. 

Two individuals in another state may soon be considering this option due to recent custody disputes. Reports stated that their issues led to their 17-month-old son being kidnapped by his uncle. The uncle reportedly entered the home of the child and used a gun to take the boy. It was unclear who had custody of the child at the time of the incident. Because the incident involved a relative, authorities had a viable starting point and were able to locate the uncle, child’s mother and the child relatively quickly. 

The uncle is currently facing charges for kidnapping, assault and burglary. The mother was also taken into custody for questioning. Police stated that the lack of a formal custody agreement made the situation more complicated as there were no set terms regarding who should have custody of the child and when. 

Though some individuals may believe that they can handle the custody of their children without formal agreements, it is better to be safe than sorry. If an issue regarding a child’s custody comes about, legal agreements could help not only the parents but also the authorities if police must get involved. Therefore, Louisiana residents may wish to explore more information on this area of family law with experienced attorneys.

Source:, “Custody battle leads to kidnapping a 17-month-old boy“, Jade Redinger, Feb. 28, 2017


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