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Finding the right time to discuss divorce with children

For many Louisiana parents in the process of divorcing, broaching the subject with their children is a primary area of concern. Parents understand that kids may have a hard time coming to terms with a shift in family structure. Determining the right way to initiate these conversations is a priority for virtually every parent who is preparing to divorce. Finding the proper timing is also important, and can impact how children respond and adjust to the news.

Some parents believe that summer break is the best time to begin talking to children about divorce. Kids usually have more available time during the summer months, and are free from pressures related to school and extracurricular activities. Parents who are able to structure their own schedule to spend more time with their children often prefer to discuss important matters during summer break.

On the other hand, other families feel that the school year offers a better environment in which to broach the subject of divorce. When school is in session, kids have access to a strong support network of friends, teachers and administrative staff. Having those resources can make it far easier to navigate the emotions connected to divorce.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong approach in regard to timing the announcement of a divorce. Louisiana parents should make this decision with the unique circumstances and needs of their family in mind. As with so many aspects of parenting, finding the “ideal” time to talk about divorce is not as important as how those discussions are ultimately handled.

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