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How to control the cost of a Louisiana divorce

Once a marriage has come to an end, many people in Louisiana feel as though they have been through an intense battle, and are weary and worn. Quite a few feel that they were completely unprepared for the cost of their divorce. This an outcome that can be avoided by engaging in open and honest discussions with one’s divorce attorney from the very outset of the process.

Begin by asking for an estimate of what the attorney thinks that the divorce will cost. Be ready to provide full details of all aspects of the divorce, from matters of property division to child custody and beyond. Once the attorney is informed of the full scope of issues that the couple will face during their divorce, he or she can come up with a more tailored estimate.

It is also important to understand that even the best estimate is not written in stone. The other side can always throw a wrench into things, by prolonging negotiations, changing terms or refusing to cooperate in the open exchange of information on assets. Any of these things can drive up the cost of a divorce, and is outside the realm of an attorney’s control.

The best way to stay on top of the cost of one’s divorce is to be open and clear with the divorce attorney who will be handling the case. Express a concern over how much the divorce process will cost, and stay on top of any changes or actions that could increase those costs. By taking a proactive approach, many Louisiana spouses can avoid surprises when their legal fees are tallied.  

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