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Poor choice worsens mother’s child custody case

Few things are more upsetting than having one’s right to parent be called into question. However, many Louisiana families will face serious child custody challenges each and every year. Some of these cases are clearly necessary to protect the safety of children, but others are not so easy to categorize. When family members cannot come to terms on who should raise a beloved child, tensions can quickly rise, and decisions can be made that come from a place of emotion and not reason.

An example is found in a recent custody fight that turned into an Amber Alert when a mother abducted her own child. The mother, 23 years of age, had been in court earlier in the day fighting for her custody rights. She lost and left the courthouse after the hearing. She then went to her daughter’s bus stop, and when the 4-year-old got off the bus, she took her daughter from that location.

The person who was supposed to pick up the child was unable to stop the mother and called the authorities. After investigating the matter, an Amber Alert was issued for the little girl. She was located, in the care of her mother, approximately seven hours after police were called.

Louisiana parents who are faced with losing custody of their children can become extremely emotional, and rightfully so. This especially true in instances in which the child custody court’s decision seems unjust. That said, it is absolutely critical that parents follow the line of the law when it comes to regaining custody rights. Participating in a parental abduction can not only lead to serious criminal charges, but can also negatively impact the parent’s chances to get their child back in future legal action.

Source:, “Amber Alert Called Off: Missing 4-Year-Old Found, Mother in Custody“, Mike Arena, March 10, 2017


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