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Family law: Co-parenting may interest Louisiana parents

Individuals in a blended family may worry about the potential conflicts between biological parents and stepparents. Family law issues relating to child custody and visitation could be concerns for divorced parents looking to remarry. Luckily, there are options that parents could take advantage of if they are able to remain civil toward one another. 

Many Louisiana residents may wonder whether co-parenting could be a realistic option after divorce. One family in another area may provide a prime example of how well co-parenting can work. Since their divorce in 2013, both biological parents have entered new relationships and remarried. Rather than letting these new relationships cause a divide, the parents present a united front for their daughter as they did not want the divorce to impact their parenting negatively.

The 4-year-old girl often has all four parents present at her soccer games, and both biological and stepparents wear matching shirts in support of the girl. In addition to sporting events, the blended family also share holiday time together. All of the parents and the young girl share excitement over being able to spend time together as a family on these special occasions.

As this example shows, co-parenting could be a viable option for parents who are able to get along after divorce. If this custody method interests Louisiana residents, they may wish to gain more information from reliable local resources. Experienced family law attorneys can provide such information and answer custody-related questions that parents may have relating to scheduling and other necessary parenting concerns.

Source:, “Divorced couple, new spouses win co-parenting at daughter’s soccer game”, Brittany Loggins, April 19, 2017


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