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Jesse Jackson Jr. voluntarily increases child support

Many Louisiana residents have followed the divorce saga between Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The couple have made headlines over their inability to come to terms on various matters, including which jurisdiction will hear their case. In a recent shift, Jesse Jackson Jr. has voluntarily increased his child support payments.

In early March, a court ruled that Jackson would only be obligated to pay $329 a month. Payments for the months of April through July were suspended, meaning that Jackson would not have to make the first reduced payment until the month of August. Unsurprisingly, an attorney for Sandi Jackson quickly spoke out on the matter, suggesting that Jackson did not prioritize supporting his children.

Just weeks later, Jackson voluntarily increased his monthly payment from $329 a month to $1,529. He has already made the payment for March, although a court still needs to officially sign off on the change. An attorney for Jackson told reporters that the increase was made in an effort to “streamline” litigation between the parties.

Because the couple have not been able to reach an agreement regarding jurisdiction, both parties have retained the services of family law attorneys in two different states. By voluntarily increasing his monthly child support obligation, Jesse Jackson Jr. may be hoping to avoid additional litigation on the matter of child support. That would leave more available funds for other aspects of the couple’s ongoing divorce. For those in Louisiana who are following the case, there are sure to be more twists and turns before the matter is ultimately resolved.

Source:, “After child-support battle, Jackson Jr. now says he’ll pay more”, Tina Sfondeles, March 29, 2017


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