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Real estate developer Macklowe facing setbacks in divorce

When individuals with substantial amounts of wealth decide to end their marriages, serious conflicts could arise. In some cases, one party may be willing to come to a quick divorce settlement while the other individual may have other plans in mind. When such disagreements come about, the process can become quite strenuous and time consuming for everyone involved. 

Louisiana residents may be interested to know that billionaire Harry Macklowe has apparently been trying to remain upbeat about his current divorce situation taking place in another state. Reports stated that Macklowe, who has amassed $2 billion due to his ventures as a real estate developer, was telling jokes to reporters when asked about the proceedings. It was also mentioned that in order to bring his divorce proceedings to an end, he apparently offered his wife Linda Macklowe $1 billion in an equal split of the assets. 

Linda Macklowe is apparently unsatisfied with this proposal and declined the settlement. As a result, proceedings will likely continue until an agreement is reached. However, the judge presiding over the case has ordered that both parties begin to move the process forward more quickly. Harry Marlowe likely agrees with this order as he hopes to remarry after the divorce is final.

Money is often the catalyst of many disagreements between married individuals, and as this case shows, the issues can continue during divorce. If Louisiana residents with a high net worth are facing similar struggles, they may wish to determine their options for negotiating a settlement successfully. Their legal counsel can undoubtedly provide useful information for navigating such a predicament.

Source:, “Messy divorce looks set to cost New York developer at least $1 billion“, Julia Marsh, April 5, 2017


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