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Silence may signal divorce in Louisiana

It is not unusual for individuals to find themselves in relationships with people who do not mind silence. In fact, some Louisiana residents may hold couples who can be comfortably silent in higher regard than individuals in a constant state of disagreement. However, silence does not necessarily mean that these couples are less likely to find themselves facing divorce.

It was recently reported that silence can have a substantial impact on why some couples choose to end their marriages. Rather than working through their issues, parties may choose to remain silent in hopes of avoiding conflict. However, this lack of communication may result in problems getting worse if individuals feel that their needs are not being met and feel less close to their spouses. 

Some parties may feel that divorce suits their circumstances because they have lost that connection. Drifting apart is a common reason people choose to end their relationships, and older individuals especially may feel this way after years of marriage. Silence and a lack of openness can easily result in such feelings as individuals may soon feel like no effort is being put in the relationship or they do not know how to make an effort themselves. 

Whether it is silence, too many arguments or any number of other issues, divorce can affect anyone. If some Louisiana residents feel that the time has come for their marriages to come to an end, they may wish to find out more on their legal options. Dissolving a marriage involves a considerable amount of decision making, and individuals likely will not want to remain silent any longer.

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