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May 2017 Archives

The importance of budgeting during the divorce process

When it comes to managing household finances, most Louisiana spouses will find the task far different once their marriage has ended. In many cases, one spouse assumes responsibility for all financial matters during the marriage, while the other takes on a different set of tasks. Even in situations where both parties work together to manage their money, the sheer volume of changes that occur as part of a divorce will alter the financial landscape for both individuals. Addressing those changes early in the divorce process is a critical part of reaching a favorable settlement.

Family law issues may affect health of Louisiana children

Everyone faces some sort of health risk in their lives. In many cases, people are not even fully aware that they are putting themselves at risk or that others are potentially affecting their health. However, Louisiana parents may be interested to know that divorce and other family law issues could negatively affect the health of their children. 

Questionable child custody practice leads to bad outcome

Going through a custody battle is never an easy thing for parents, whether in Louisiana or elsewhere. There are some cases, however, that are far more distressing than others. When parents are unable to come to terms and have an overwhelmingly negative relationship, the children at the center of the matter often suffer. Such was the case for one high-profile child custody fight that went on for many years.

Aspects of elder law can help with life and death planning

Some individuals may consider a successful estate plan one that covers the needs and desires of the creator. Many people think that in order to cover those areas, a will is the only document needed. Because elder law can cover numerous areas of a Louisiana resident's life, exploring other planning documents may be prudent. 

Does unhappiness warrant divorce in Louisiana?

Most people hope to achieve their desired level of happiness throughout life. Though changes and challenges can cause feelings of happiness to come and go, some parties may need to remove themselves from certain situations in order to lead more fulfilling lives. In certain cases, the desire to feel more joy could cause Louisiana residents to consider divorce.

Elder law: Remember to properly fund trusts

Avoiding complex situations is an instinct for numerous people. To many Louisiana residents, aspects of elder law can seem complicated and confusing, and as a result, they may avoid creating an estate plan. On the other hand, parties may think that they have their affairs in order, only for issues to arise later due to improper planning.

Courtroom win for father in adoption consent case

Opening one's home to a child in need is a gift beyond compare. However, when an adoption is not processed legally and according to established guidelines, the outcome can be devastating to multiple Louisiana families. An example is found in a recent court case in which a father has regained child custody rights to a child that his former girlfriend placed for adoption without his consent.

Louisiana business owners may need to negotiate during divorce

Business owners often put their hearts and souls into their companies and hope that they will grow into successful ventures. Many Louisiana residents may have achieved such success but are now fearful that they will lose some of their wealth due to divorce. However, individuals may be able to strategize and approach their property division proceedings in a way that could protect business assets.

Alex Jones of InfoWars loses child custody case

Many Louisiana readers are familiar with the name Alex Jones. Jones is the man behind the controversial alt-right platform known as InfoWars, which focuses on outrageous conspiracy theories and sensational content. Jones has made a name for himself by engaging in debates and activities that many find objectionable. In a recent child custody case brought on by his former wife, those choices may have come back to haunt Jones.

Lacking elder law info may leave Louisiana residents confused

When estate plans are mentioned, many Louisiana residents react differently. Because this area of elder law can cause some people to feel uncomfortable, they may not gain as much information as necessary to effectively create a plan. Therefore, some parties may skip planning or have the wrong idea about how thorough their plans are.

Financial concerns? Louisiana boomers may want divorce info

As Louisiana residents grow older, their families likely have many concerns about their well-being. While these concerns may come out of love, they could also seem overwhelming if older individuals choose to make a significant life change. Divorce can not only result in an older couple having many decisions to make, but it could also result in their needing to address their decisions with their families.

Actor Jesse Williams apparently hopes for amicable divorce

Though individuals may have spent many happy years together, they can come to a point where their relationship no longer works. This issue affects numerous people all over the world, and no married person is completely free from the possibility of divorce. Even couples whose relationships and lives seem perfect could be facing issues that are not obvious to outside parties.

Louisiana House declines to shorten waiting period for divorce

Many readers are aware of recently proposed legislation that would shorten the waiting period for residents who are in the process of divorcing. The proposed bill would have reduced the mandatory waiting period from one year to just six months. The matter went no further than the Louisiana House of Representatives, however, after a recent vote failed to get the support needed to move the divorce legislation forward.

Louisiana elder law: Liquid assets may help keep division fair

When making decisions regarding which heirs will receive what property, many Louisiana residents can feel overwhelmed. Though they may know that certain items hold a particular importance to some family members, they may try to be relatively fair and equal overall. However, this task may be more complicated than dividing everything down the middle, and concerned parties may want assistance from an elder law attorney. 

Medicaid planning: What you need to know about eligibility in Louisiana

The cost of long-term care is high and will likely only get higher as Baby Boomers age. Even if you have saved a significant nest egg for retirement, your assets could quickly be drained by the costs of elder care.

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