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Alex Jones of InfoWars loses child custody case

Many Louisiana readers are familiar with the name Alex Jones. Jones is the man behind the controversial alt-right platform known as InfoWars, which focuses on outrageous conspiracy theories and sensational content. Jones has made a name for himself by engaging in debates and activities that many find objectionable. In a recent child custody case brought on by his former wife, those choices may have come back to haunt Jones.

After Alex and Kelly Jones split, Alex was declared the “managing conservator” of the couple’s three shared children. That allowed him to make virtually all decisions related to their care, including where they would reside. Kelly Jones received visitation, and only saw her children approximately five times over the course of a year. In a recent hearing, Kelly Jones argued that her former husband’s public persona was in line with his private actions, and that he was not a fit parent.

During the proceedings, the court viewed video of Alex Jones smoking marijuana on a podcast, and having a drunken rant at a political event. He did not help his case when he made bizarre statements during a hearing, claiming that George Soros has increased the potency of marijuana. He also claimed that he was unable to recall the ages of his three kids due to complications from eating a big bowl of chili prior to the hearing.

Those comments may have been intended as jokes, but a court of law is not the proper venue for humor. It is unclear exactly what led the court to determine that a child custody change was in order, but Kelly Jones walked away from the hearing with full custody of the children, including the right to choose where they reside. Should Alex Jones appeal that decision, he would be well advised to dial down his behavior while in front of the court. For Louisiana fans of InfoWars, the assertions that Jones made in court about his role on the site being nothing more than “performance art” could have an impact on their feelings about the site.

Source:, “Tyranny Alert: Alex Jones Loses Child Custody Battle“, William Hicks, April 28, 2017


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