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Courtroom win for father in adoption consent case

Opening one’s home to a child in need is a gift beyond compare. However, when an adoption is not processed legally and according to established guidelines, the outcome can be devastating to multiple Louisiana families. An example is found in a recent court case in which a father has regained child custody rights to a child that his former girlfriend placed for adoption without his consent.

His courtroom victory comes nine years after his daughter was placed for adoption. At that time, the mother relocated from her state of residence to a state with less stringent adoption rules so that she could make decisions regarding her unborn child without the involvement of the biological father. The infant was placed in the care of the mother’s brother and sister-in-law.

Prior to the birth, the biological father filed a paternity petition in court. However, he was not made aware of the out-of-state birth or placement with the other family until after both things had occurred. The matter went to court, and in 2013 the biological father won an appellate case centered on the matter of standing and the fact that the adoptive parents had no biological connection to his daughter. That led to a custody case between the biological mother and father, which the father won.

It is unclear whether the adoptive parents plan to appeal that decision, but the court victory of the biological father is being heralded as a fathers’ rights win. Aside from reuniting father and daughter, this case has raised awareness of the importance of securing clear legislation on matters of adoption and paternity rights. That is an issue of great importance to men in Louisiana and across the nation.

Source:, “Colorado father wins case against ex who secretly put infant up for adoption in Utah“, Tiffany Frandsen, May 5, 2017


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