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Family law issues may affect health of Louisiana children

Everyone faces some sort of health risk in their lives. In many cases, people are not even fully aware that they are putting themselves at risk or that others are potentially affecting their health. However, Louisiana parents may be interested to know that divorce and other family law issues could negatively affect the health of their children. 

This information comes from a study involving 467 children, ranging in age from 2 to 18. It was unclear what type of information was gathered in the study, but the results indicated that children of divorce were twice as likely to develop skin, mental, genitourinary and digestive issues. The study also indicated that stress was the most likely cause for the development of these issues. 

The majority of the stress placed on children during their parents’ divorce comes from the parents themselves. If they do not handle the situation appropriately by addressing the children’s concerns, the environment could become overly stressful for everyone involved. As a result, children may not have the ability to maintain healthy parental relationships, and the stress they feel could lead to health problems. 

The idea of causing health issues for children due to divorce may weigh heavily on many parents’ minds. However, parents can take steps to help lessen the stress placed on kids in various ways. They may wish to explore options for alternative dispute resolutions, make sure to spend time with and encourage the children, and focus on coming to the best custody terms possible. Interested Louisiana parents may wish to discuss their options with experienced family law attorneys who may be able to shed light on less stressful avenues.

Source: New York Daily News, “Kids of divorce twice as at risk for certain health issues: study“, Joe Dziemianowicz, May 24, 2017


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