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Lacking elder law info may leave Louisiana residents confused

When estate plans are mentioned, many Louisiana residents react differently. Because this area of elder law can cause some people to feel uncomfortable, they may not gain as much information as necessary to effectively create a plan. Therefore, some parties may skip planning or have the wrong idea about how thorough their plans are.

For instance, some individuals may think that their families can avoid probating the estate if wills are created. However, the probate process is typically a necessary step in administering the estate. Without the validation of the will, which occurs as part of the probate process, the surviving family cannot use the terms of the will to address estate duties. As a result, the executor of the estate may feel lost.

Misinformation or a lack of information can prove detrimental to important legal processes. Parties with substantial estates may feel particularly keen on ensuring that they and their families understand how their estate will need to be addressed. If they learn that a will does not attend to all of their concerns, they may wish to consider utilizing other estate planning tools, such as trusts, to handle their wishes.

Because the idea of probate, planning documents and the variety of other steps and requirements associated with an estate can seem overwhelming, some Louisiana residents may find themselves wanting to ignore planning altogether. However, declining to create an estate plan could having significant impacts on surviving family and the estate itself. Therefore, individuals may wish to speak with experienced elder law attorneys who can help put an effective plan in place in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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