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Elder law: Louisiana residents may wish to plan ahead for care

Heath care is a common concern for many individuals across the country, including those in Louisiana. However, many parties have neglected certain areas of elder law that could help them plan for possible incapacitation and any needed long-term care. Additionally, numerous people have the mistaken idea that government benefits and insurance will pay for such care.

Some individuals may be interested in a recent survey regarding Medicare and long-term care planning. Apparently, a majority of people over the age of 40 believe that Medicare should help with the costs of long-term care. In fact, 56 percent of participants held this view. However, at this time, Medicare does not offer the necessary benefits for effectively covering the costs of extended living assistance. 

The report also stated that the percentage of individuals with this opinion had grown over the course of the last four years. In 2013, only 39 percent of individuals believed that Medicare should play a bigger part in paying for extended care. Even thought the desire for this type of assistance has grown, it is not likely that such a policy will be soon implemented. 

In order to hopefully avoid being caught off guard by unexpected care expenses or of having family members take on the burden of paying for care, Louisiana residents may wish to plan ahead. Estate plans can be used to address ways to set aside funds specifically for long-term care and similar uses. Interested individuals may wish to speak with elder law attorneys who can provide useful information on options and offer ongoing assistance in implementing them.

Source:, “Poll: Most older Americans want Medicare for long-term care”, Emily Swanson, June 5, 2017


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