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4 ways to move through a Louisiana divorce

Once a Louisiana couple has decided to end their marriage, the next step to consider is which approach to take to reach that goal. There are a number of different ways to process a divorce, each with a unique set of pros and cons. The following information is provided in the hopes of helping Louisiana spouses choose a path that meets their unique set of needs.

One option is for spouses to simply sit down and hammer out the details of their divorce on their own. This option is certainly the least expensive, but it also affords neither party the benefit of legal counsel. Attorneys serve a multitude of purposes that extend beyond courtroom battles. Having a trusted legal advisor can make a world of difference when negotiating various divorce options.

Couples also have the ability to choose mediation. Under this approach, an impartial third party who is trained in mediation process oversees the divorce. Both parties retain their own individual legal counsel, and negotiations can take place either in person or through the attorneys. Mediation is usually less expensive than a litigated divorce, but also provides a degree of detachment between spouses.

Another option involves taking a collaborative approach to resolving divorce differences. In collaboration, both spouses commit to reaching an agreement outside of court, and with the shared goal of resolving issues in a way that serves the interests of both parties. Collaboration is often referred to as a kinder, gentler path to divorce.

For Louisiana spouses who are ready to move forward with divorce, these approaches all offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a path that is best suited to one’s needs and goals is important. There is never a right or wrong path to ending a marriage, but there are certainly some approaches that are better suited to a particular couple than others.

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