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Dispute over payments in divorce property settlement

For many Louisiana spouses, their pet is an important part of their family. When divorce seems likely, many people are concerned over how to ensure that their pet is properly cared for during and after that process. Pet “custody” has become a real issue in recent years, with couples reaching property settlement agreements that include very detailed provisions concerning pet care. An example is found in a couple that may be headed to court over issues regarding “pet support.”

At the center of this case sits an English bulldog named Lola. When Lola’s owners divorced after six years of marriage, they agreed that the wife would continue to care for Lola while the husband provided financial support. Now, however, Lola’s owner claims that her former husband has failed to meet that financial obligation.

In the original agreement, the husband pledged to pay $200 per month for Lola’s care, in addition to covering all costs associated with feeding and half of any veterinary care. In a recently filed lawsuit, the former wife claims that she has had to come out of pocket to the tune of $32,000 to care for the dog. Among the expenses outlined in the lawsuit are $18,000 for food expenses, more than $2000 in health costs and $12,000 more for “upkeep.”

If this property settlement dispute is argued before a court of law, a judge may decide how these expenses will be addressed. It is unclear if the former husband ever made payments toward Lola’s care, or the period of time over which these declared expenses were incurred. What does not seem up for debate is the fact that this English bulldog has lived a life to which many Louisiana pets can only aspire.

Source:, “Man owes Manhattan ex-wife $32,000 in dog alimony after financially abandoning pooch: lawsuit“, Chelsia Rose Marcius, Aug. 25, 2017


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