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Tips for selecting the right divorce attorney

Preparing to handle the end of a Louisiana marriage can be an arduous task. There are a great many decisions that must be made, especially in the early days of a divorce. Selecting a legal professional who will represent one’s interests throughout the process is among the most impactful decisions that a spouse will make. Finding the right match can be difficult, but there are ways to improve the odds of an excellent pairing.

When sitting down with prospective divorce attorneys, it is important to pay close attention to the communication style used by each. Throughout the divorce process, spouses spend a great deal of time discussing the particulars of their case with their attorney. When communication patterns are not compatible, this can greatly lengthen the amount of time needed to move through the divorce process.

Take the time to discuss how information will be communicated. If an attorney prefers that most communications take place through email, that professional may be a great match for a tech savvy spouse who has a demanding set of work responsibilities and can benefit from concise communications. On the other hand, a spouse who prefers the personal touch of face-to-face communications would likely become frustrated with an attorney who insists on communication through email.

Selecting a divorce attorney is a decision that can have a significant impact for many years to come. Louisiana spouses should take the time to speak with several family law attorneys before making a decision. Communication styles and preferences should factor into that decision, and is an area that is all too often overlooked.

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