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Child custody dispute ends in mother’s arrest

Many Louisiana residents face highly contentious and emotional custody battles. However, there are cases in the state and across the nation that are so emotionally fraught that they eventually require intervention from law enforcement agencies. Such was the case in the recent arrest of a mother who fled her state of residence after a difficult child custody battle with her child’s father.

The mother fled her home state in 2014, taking her to children with her. She resettled in the Pacific Northwest, initially receiving assistance from an agency dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. Eventually, she was able to find an apartment and occasional work, both of which allowed her to live largely off the radar.

When her case was featured on a recent episode of “The Hunt with John Walsh,” tips began pouring in. That led authorities to identify the woman’s location, where an arrest was made. Her younger son, now 4 years of age, has been reunited with his father.

There are limited details available concerning this child custody matter. It is possible that this mother felt that her child would be in danger in the care of his father, prompting her to take such drastic actions. However, fleeing with the child in an effort to avoid a custody order has only placed her in a more difficult position with the courts. Now, she will likely receive only limited contact with her son, depending on how the courts decide to handle the matter. For Louisiana parents considering any type of drastic action, it is absolutely imperative to seek the counsel of a family law attorney prior to making any decisions.

Source:, “Berks man reunited with missing son“, Jim Lewis, Sept. 20, 2017


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