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Could a divorce coach be right for you?

For many Louisiana couples, communications have broken down well before the marriage comes to a formal end. Once a divorce is in play, spouses can continue to struggle with effective communication. One solution lies in hiring a divorce coach to assist both spouses through the divorce process.

The divorce coach acts as a sort of “translator” between spouses. In some ways, having a neutral third party present to guide the process helps both spouses remain focused on the tasks at hand, rather than devolving into long-standing arguments and letting old resentments flare. The coach will gently guide spouses back toward the topic at hand if the conversation begins to drift to less pertinent subjects.

While a divorce, even a collaborative one, cannot replace the benefits of counseling, having a trained divorce coach participate in negotiations can help teach both spouses improved communication skills. For those that will begin a co-parenting relationship after the end of their marriage, communication is key. The lessons learned during negotiations can help spouses better their communication patterns.

The end of a marriage can be a challenging time, fraught with emotions and tensions. However, for parents, the shared goal of raising happy and healthy children should overrule all other matters. By working with a divorce coach, many couples are able to move beyond their marriage and form a new partnership centered on parenting their shared children. For many Louisiana spouses, that outcome is well worth the investment required to bring on a divorce coach.

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