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Different experiences of tension could increase risk of divorce

According to researchers, the difference between the ways husbands and wives perceive tension may be a predictor of whether or not their union will withstand the test of time. The study looked at data collected from 355 couples. Participants were interviewed at seven different points in time, and asked about their level of tension and the state of their marriage. The results could help some Louisiana residents understand their own marriage and divorce. 

What emerged was a picture in which husbands seem to experience more attention over time than wives. However, the most notable conclusion of the study was that couples in which the wife was far more emotionally distressed than her husband had a greater chance of divorce. Researchers believe that, in some cases, low tension levels reported by husbands may be the result of a lack of concern over the health of the marriage.

Such an approach would place an enormous burden on the wife and could account for her increasing tension levels. At some point, the situation may reach a breaking point, prompting the woman to file for divorce. Researchers also note that the data may suggest that women enter into marriage with a far more reasonable understanding of what to expect, while men may have higher expectations about the role their wives will play.

For Louisiana couples who are going through marital difficulties, it may be important to sit down and discuss each other’s feelings about the union. In many cases, marital counseling or some other intervention could yield positive results. For some couples, however, divorce may be the most feasible course of action.

Source:, “Differences in feelings of tension contribute to divorce”, Morgan Sherburne, Nov. 2, 2017


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