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Child custody and a narcissistic parent: tips for success

A custody battle is never easy, neither legally nor emotionally. Going through a child custody case with a narcissist can be even more of a challenge. Many Louisiana spouses live for years with a partner who is self-centered and manipulative. When the decision is made to end the marriage, those character traits often take center stage. 

One tip for spouses who are divorcing a narcissist is to make every effort to avoid face-to-face communication. Not only is trying to calmly interact with a manipulative spouse stressful, it is also nearly impossible to document what was and was not said. Try to keep communication in the digital realm to the greatest extent possible. That approach also creates a paper trail, which can be useful if the matter reaches a courtroom. 

Another tip is to find a family law attorney who has experience working in cases involving a narcissist. There are tactics and techniques that can make the most of a narcissistic personality. When employed with a skilled hand, the other party’s personality issues can actually work in one’s favor. When meeting with prospective attorneys, ask each individual if they have experience dealing with parties with personality disorders, and ask what their strategies are in such cases.  

Divorcing a narcissist can be a difficult experience, especially if child custody is also an issue. Working with a skilled attorney is a great place to begin, as he or she can provide guidance and advice on how to handle various scenarios. For many Louisiana spouses, having a trusted advisor can make this experience easier to manage. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “8 Simple Rules When Divorcing a Narcissist“, Lisa Helfend Meyer, Dec. 13, 2017


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