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Elder law: New law aims to prevent elder abuse

The Elder Abuse and Prevention and Protection Act (EAPPA) aims not only to bring awareness to elder abuse issues, but to protect millions of elderly from untoward actions. Certain experts are calling this likely elder law to be the most comprehensive of its kind in years. The bill came as cases of elder abuse continue to escalate in America and Louisiana is no exception.

Elderly Americans are abused each year by scammers, abusers, strangers and even their own family members — sometimes even their own children. Each year some adult children financially rip off their elderly parents — about 1.5 million older people — by about almost $3 billion, and that is only financial abuse. Add to that physical, mental and sexual abuse and neglect, and elders are among the most vulnerable people in the population.

There are various ways in which the EAPPA addresses these issues. One includes installing elder justice coordinators at various levels of government, giving them the means by which they could assist others in battling elder abuse. The collection of data pertaining to these abuse cases is also being called for as are heftier penalties for these acts, including financial fraud. The EAPPA also calls for a review of programs already in place that focus on elders and suggesting changes, if needed. Experts say the bill lays a solid foundation for further recommendations on this problematic situation.

Elder law needs to reflect what’s happening in America today to the burgeoning aging population. Those in Louisiana who believe their loved ones have been the targets of elder abuse would do well to seek legal counsel on what steps to take to rectify the situation and to get advice on seeking financial compensation. No elderly person should be the victim of any sort of abuse and an attorney may be able to help on many levels. 

Source:, “The Actually Great Bill Trump Signed His First Year“, Mark Hay, Jan. 17, 2018


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