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Making the transition from fostering a child to adoption

There are thousands of children in the United States in foster care. Some of those children in Louisiana are placed with families who fall in love with them and the question of adoption comes up. Luckily for the family, most adoptions stemming from foster care are eligible for an adoption tax credit, which lets those who adopt foster kids to claim expenses associated with the adoption on their federal tax returns.

Individuals can adopt foster children as well as couples. In fact, many foster children, including those who have special needs, do extremely well with single parents as long as their needs are being met with love and care. Foster parents who decide to adopt their foster child will also receive medical help for the child’s health needs.

Adoptive parents don’t have to own a home either or earn loads of money or have a post secondary degree. They have to be willing to advocate for their child’s welfare and well-being, just as most biological parents would. Many of these children have suffered abuse, neglect and trauma of some sort, so having patience is a virtue in these instances. At any given time, there are about 100,000 foster children in the United States looking for families to make them a permanent part of their lives.

People who are thinking about adopting a child, no matter what his or her age or needs level, usually benefit by seeking legal counsel to get an idea of the legalities involved in adoption. A Louisiana family law attorney would likely be able to provide a prospective adoptive parent or parents with information about the adoption process moving forward. Being armed with this kind of information may better prepare a person for the adoption journey.

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