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Tables turn on domestic violence accuser who’s now facing charges

The woman who accused an NFL referee of violence is now facing similar charges of her own. The woman filed a temporary restraining order against NFL line ref Carl Johnson with whom she lived from 2016 to 2017, which led to a domestic violence investigation in Louisiana. However, after a police investigation, Johnson was cleared, and it is the complainant who is now charged not only with domestic battery, but with filing a false police report, defamation and filing a false petition for a protective order.

Last summer, Brooks told the sheriff’s office she was constantly abused by Johnson. She said not only did he physically hit her, but was also controlling and verbally abusive. Johnson denied all allegations. In fact, he said he was trying to sever all ties with the woman and alleges it was she who was physically violent with him. The judge was concerned that no evidence was presented in court showing that the complainant was physically assaulted as she claimed.

She apparently made recordings, police said, in which she tried to incite him, but it didn’t work. But because the tapes are part of an ongoing criminal investigation, under Louisiana law they cannot be made public. Police did say that they could find no evidence that Johnson ever struck her and the bruises she suffered came from a fall after a failed attempt to kick Johnson.

Accusing someone of domestic violence is a serious matter. There are many possible ramifications which go along with the accusation. Victims of physically abusive partners in Louisiana may want to consult with an attorney about they steps they could take to rectify the situation.

Source:, “NFL Ref Carl Johnson’s Domestic-Violence Accuser Has Now Been Charged“, Lauren Theisen, Jan. 25, 2018


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