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What it takes for a successful adoption in Louisiana

Welcoming a child into a family is one of the most exciting and wonderful events in life. It doesn’t matter if the child came to the family biologically or through adoption — the love is present in either circumstance. Many children in Louisiana are looking for their forever families and those considering adopting a child would do well to know the state’s adoption requirements.

People don’t have to be married to adopt in Louisiana. Single people who can provide financially and emotionally for child can apply as can married couples, those related to the child or someone who has already had legal custody of the child for at least six months. Those who meet these requirements must have to agree to a home study which consists of three parts — an inspection of the home, a talk with all family members and documenting particulars in each case, like health and financial records. 

Emotionally speaking officials are looking for people who look at the adoption process logically and who have told other family members of their plans to adopt. If a couple or individual has had conception problems, officials want to make sure they have come to terms with those issues. They also want to see that same level of joy and excitement surrounding the adoption as there would be in expecting a biological child. 

There are times when people decide they want adopt a child who has been in the foster system in Louisiana. The rules here are similar to others: there should be enough space in the home for the child and should not have more than five kids living in the home already who are under the age of 18.  Officials will also want to ensure the financial stability of the adopter along with proof of the emotional soundness of the person wishing to adopt. 

The laws around adoption in Louisiana are involved and can be confusing. Legal advice may go a long way in allaying some of the trepidations people might have regarding the process. Getting the guidance of an experienced attorney may make the experience less stressful so those adopting can focus on the joy of adding a new person to their family.

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