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Feds apply heavy hand to those guilty of elder abuse

The senior population is one of the easiest targets of scams. For the most part, the elderly are very trusting and so it comes as no surprise that many older folks are taken advantage of by fraudsters and suffer this kind of abuse.  In fact, seniors in the United States — and Louisiana is no exception — have lost billions of dollars to shady deals and dealers. An elderly woman from Louisiana recently found herself embroiled in one of these scams.

The woman and her husband were ill and in dire straits. The person on the phone told her she won thousands of dollars, but there was a catch — she had to purchase a product for six months. The woman fell for the scam and lost $2,500. She is one of thousands each year who do. Some unsuspecting seniors lose their entire life savings, and the federal government recently filed 200 charges against what it says are fraudsters who go for the elderly. 

The government and the authorities urge seniors to reach out to someone before agreeing to give money to anyone in any fashion. They want the elderly to know there is help available should they find themselves in these types of fraudulent situations. Some older citizens have even taken their own lives because they lost everything financially and were too embarrassed to reach out for help.

Louisiana residents who have suffered elder abuse may wish to reach out for legal help. A compassionate, experienced attorney can assist in many ways. He or she can help victims and their families by offering prudent advice on the steps that could be taken to remedy such a stressful and concerning issue.

Source:, “Feds Crack Down On Elder Fraud As Seniors Lose Billions To Scams“, Feb. 23, 2018


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