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Louisiana teachers may be able to help students deal with divorce

More and more children today have to deal with the reality of their parents separating. In fact, 50 percent of divorce situations in the United States today involve kids. Louisiana kids are no different and since children spend many hours each weekday in school, it makes sense that their teachers might be able to help their students whose parents are separating. Teachers usually have the respect of their students, and it is important that children going through divorce be heard, understood and cared for. In many instances a teacher can provide the care and nurturing these kids need.

Divorce can wreak havoc on all of the lives affected by it — not only on the couple splitting up. When children learn their parents are divorcing, they might experience many emotions that cause them to act out in ways that they normally wouldn’t. They might become aggressive or verbally abusive, so it’s important for teachers to know when there’s tension in their students’ homes. Armed with this knowledge, teachers are in a better position to get their students the emotional support they may be needing.

Sometimes, all a kid wants is to have an objective third party to listen to his or her feelings and offer words of comfort and encouragement. A teacher may be able to provide that. School life also provides some stability in a child’s life when he or she is not finding that at home. Often, a teacher can be a voice of reason in an otherwise tumultuous time in a child’s life.

Louisiana parents who are going through a divorce usually have the best interests of their children at heart and a teacher does as well. Family law provides many resources accessible to divorcing parents, including information on how to share with those who may be able to help their children — like teachers. An experienced attorney may be able to help is or her clients access resources to help their kids go through the divorce process. 

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