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What a living will means in Louisiana

Having a plan in place in case life takes a turn is important for family members. Louisiana residents who have a living will may be doing a favor for their loved ones. A living will is a legal document that spells out a person’s wishes when it comes to medical treatment when he or she cannot make those decisions because of being incapacitated. 

Louisiana residents can stipulate whether they want specific medical intervention or procedures to prolong their lives. That could include giving food and water or not. A living could be written, signed and witnessed by two people. It could also be an oral declaration which must be made with two adults present and can be made any time after being diagnosed with either an irreversible condition or a terminal illness.

Such a document or statement can be revoked at any time by destroying any existing document or by the person saying he or she would like the decisions revoked. It takes effect once a doctor has been told. If the doctor doesn’t agree, he or she can transfer the patient to another physician.

Giving thought to planning for serious illness or death may be taxing, particularly since the laws often vary from state to state. However, having a living will in place may make an already stressful situation less so for not only the person who has the living will, but for his or her family members and health care team. Discussing a living will with a Louisiana attorney may answer any questions regarding how such a document impacts estate planning overall.

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