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Louisiana family law: Legal age limits

Louisiana is a state known for its parties. With place like New Orleans and Mardi Gras festivities, it’s important to know what the legal ages are for celebrating at some of these venues. Family law rules separate minors from adults with definitive specifications for certain things like drinking alcohol. The age of majority in Louisiana is 18, as it is in many states.

When it comes to those who are younger than 18, the law outlines rights and responsibilities. For instance, the law says that minors cannot enter into contractual agreements; minors can sue through a parent or guardian, and minors can consent to medical treatment without the consent of a parent. A minor can be emancipated by law — in other words make decisions on such things as health care and school and his or her own well-being — at the age of 15 with parental say so or at 16 through judicial consent.

Minors who are emancipated will usually be treated as adults in the court system, including being charged as an adult with regard to criminal charges. Juveniles who aren’t emancipated may make health care decisions on their own behalf with some rules surrounding sterilization and abortion. Minors can make decisions regarding pregnancy, childbirth and the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Louisiana minors or their parents may wish to consult with a Louisiana family law attorney for guidance concerning age laws. A lawyer may be able to help a client to understand his or her rights. He or she may also be able to help in the emancipation process.


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