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Louisiana may allow granny cams to spot nursing home negligence

The escalating cases of elder abuse in nursing homes have been the main reason for setting up video surveillance. Louisiana recently joined other states in possibly allowing granny cams to be placed in nursing homes to try to spot elder abuse and nursing home negligence. The state recently approved Bill 281,which will give family members and loved ones the green light to install video cameras in the rooms of their family members in care.

There are some stipulations that come with the bill. Families must cover the costs of the cameras and the family and resident would have to sign privacy waivers. Any roommates would also have to agree to having a camera installed. Democratic House Representative Helena Moreno introduced the bill after she tried to have a camera installed in her own mother’s nursing home room after her 92-year-old mother suffered a black eye and inexplicable back pain.

The Louisiana Nursing Home Association opposed the bill, saying it would erode the trust between caretakers and residents. Other states that are considering such a bill include Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Illinois and Texas. Fifty-nine reps signed the bill as co-sponsors as it heads to the Senate for adoption. If it passes the Senate, it will await the governor’s signature.

As the population continues to age in Louisiana as in all the U.S., the issue of nursing home negligence becomes more prevalent. Families of loved ones in nursing homes have the right to know and to understand the laws that govern such facilities. It may be helpful to get the guidance and advice of an attorney when seeking answers to legal questions around the elderly.

Source:, “LA Joins Other States Allowing ‘Granny Cams’ in Nursing Homes“, John Haughey, April 8, 2018


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