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More same-sex couples in Louisiana considering adoption

Rights for same-sex couples have come a long way. Changes have also occurred in same-sex couples and the adoption of children, even though the process may be slightly different from heterosexual couples. Same-sex couples in Louisiana can legally adopt children, but may have to wait longer and be prepared for some stressful, emotional times that can come with the adoption process.

There are three types of adoption: open, closed and semi-open with open adoption being the most popular type in the United States and where names and contact information of all those involved is shared openly. A couple has to decide which option is better for their particular situation and what would be in the best interests of the child. In any case, every prospective adoptive couple should create a profile when they’re searching for a new addition to their family since a profile shows what’s unique about a couple.

A profile could include photos and a glimpse into what life would be like for a child who became part of the family. It should be unique and genuine. All people who are planning on adopting a child in the U.S. must complete a home study course. A home visit will help a social worker ascertain if  the living quarters are large enough, if the child will be safe and the general feeling in the home.

There are many things to consider when deciding if adoption is right for any couple, including same-sex couples. The adoption process can be complex and it may be helpful to obtain the guidance of legal counsel. A Louisiana family law attorney may be able to offer a different perspective on the adoption process and be able to help with legalities every step of the way.

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