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Child custody: Parenting out of 2 homes can be challenging

There are many adjustments to be made by everyone involved in a divorce situation. When it comes to child custody, parenting out of two homes can be a challenge, but with some good advice and care, children in Louisiana will adjust to their new ways of life. It’s important that kids feel like they have a home with both their parents, regardless of how much time they spend there.

One of the wisest pieces of advice for parents is not to criticize the other parent, nor the other household. While the rules may vary in each place, having boundaries in place will ensure kids know that their parents are still in charge and that everything will be just fine. Making children aware of what to expect will help them to cope.

When kids live in one home, but visit the other, it’s still important for them to feel a connection to the place, so having a space that’s just theirs may help them feel that way. They should never be treated like a guest in a parent’s home. Instead of having kids lug suitcases back and forth, perhaps having their own clothes and items in each place would make better sense.

The bottom line is children need to know they’re important in each place. Child custody issues can be difficult, but they can be minimized with the help of the right people. Knowing the law may make things less challenging. A Louisiana lawyer may be able to provide his or her client with information on how family law can make their situation less stressful.


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