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What adult kids want their parents to know about divorce

Children often bear a rash of negative emotions when their parents split up. That doesn’t mean the kid is a minor, either. Many times, adult children in Louisiana whose parents have decided to divorce take it even harder, especially when their parents have been married for many years. It’s never easy for kids — no matter how old they are — to hear their parents’ marriage is ending and there are some things adult kids would like their divorcing parents to know.

Adult children may take their parents’ divorce even harder if the parents waited to split up after their kids leave the nest. There might be a lot of guilt associated with that, leaving adult children thinking their parents put their own happiness on hold because of them. Adult children may also begin to question the entire institution of marriage when hit with the bombshell that their parents are breaking up. 

As with kids of any age, adult children of divorce don’t want to be put in the middle of their parents’ arguments. They don’t want to have to take sides or at least be made to feel like they should, nor do they want to know all the sordid details of the reasons behind the divorce. They also don’t want to listen to one parent cut down the other.

No matter how old kids get, they always want their parents to be parents and that’s no different in a divorce situation. Along with all the legalities that surround divorce in Louisiana, there are the emotional, social and financial ramifications. A compassionate attorney may not only be able to lend a hand when it comes to the actual divorce process, but also to offer help by guiding his or her client to others who may be able to help like family counselors or financial advisers. 


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