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Cryptocurrency makes property division more difficult

Divorce conjures up all kinds of emotions. When a Louisiana couple decides to call it quits, there may be a lot of volatile emotions at the surface for each individual. One of those can entail people wishing to keep what they believe is theirs, and that can include a number of assets. Even though it’s not legal, some people may wish to hide certain assets. In the 21st century, and with the fairly new cryptocurrency revolution, property division may be an even more involved process in a divorce scenario.

Dividing a couple’s assets can already be a painful process, but when assets include this type of currency, it may be even more difficult since it may be more easily hidden as an asset. They can also be very difficult to value since they’re so volatile. Other assets, like shares and stocks, are more easily evaluated; however, it doesn’t appear that cryptocurrency is going away, so courts and lawyers have to figure out how to deal with it.

These types of assets are challenging in a divorce situation, for sure. But, attorneys and the courts are keeping up to speed when it comes to understanding how they work. Technology is forever moving forward, and it may play a huge part in how issues such as property division and hidden assets move forward when talking about divorce.

Property division in a divorce situation can be extremely confusing. A Louisiana attorney may be able to clarify many aspects of the law that seem unclear or complex in this respect. When those who are divorcing have a decent grasp on the laws that surround the divorce process, they may be able to move forward more confidently, knowing that their best interests are being looked after. 


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