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Family law: What does in the best interests of the children mean?

When children are a part of the divorce scenario, the phrase, best interests of the child, is often heard. Under family law rules in Louisiana, the courts will always look at what is in the best interests of the children when it comes to anything that affects them, including custody, support and co-parenting. A doctor who leads the field when it comes to the best interests of children of separation and divorce says shared parenting should become the foundation of family law.

He said the evidence relating to co-parenting shows that having both parents play an equal part in children’s lives is definitely in the best interests of the children unless family violence or child abuse is a factor. But, more research needs to be done especially in the areas of parental alienation and intimate partner violence. Research has found that keeping a child from a parent has more adverse effects than originally thought. 

An international conference on shared parenting says the main goals of co-parenting are to shield kids from conflict and to maintain meaningful relationships with both parents. Researchers in this area have been focusing their efforts on looking at the best interests of the child from the child’s perspective. Outcomes have paved the way for social scientists to recommend shared parenting to lawmakers.

Family law paves the way for changes that are in the best interests of children in Louisiana. Laws are ever-evolving concepts and a family law attorney is always aware of these changes. He or she reviews and analyzes the court’s opinions on a variety of issues, including what is in the best interests of the children. A lawyer can use his or her insight to provide a client with prudent advice on issues like shared parenting. 


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