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Elder law: Woman dies of neglect; safeguarding seniors

A 77-year-old woman recently died as a result of infected bedsores. Police found the elderly woman lying in her own feces in the horrible case of elder abuse. Elder law in Louisiana is definitive when it comes to protecting seniors. The woman was in such a terrible state that her flesh was starting to fuse with sofa on which she was lying. The woman’s two granddaughters — who are cousins — were arrested and charged with manslaughter and cruelty to the infirm.

The victim’s apartment was in a horrendous state unfit for habitation. Authorities found insects and other pests, cigarette butts and a toilet filled with human waste around which flies were buzzing. Authorities said the place was filthy and the victim was also suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. The victim’s 36-year-old granddaughter — who had been living with her since 2016 — said she could have done a better job taking care of her grandmother.

Authorities have said they have not seen a case of elder abuse of this magnitude. It was actually one of the accused who called 911 about her grandmother, but police say she stopped talking to them. The two women are being held in custody on $300,000 bail.

Elder law in Louisiana is for the benefit of the senior population and exists to provide safety measures. An attorney experienced in elder law may be able to suggest ways in which abuses may be prevented such as planning for long-term care and financial independence. A lawyer may be able to provide clients with information regarding an increased need for medical care, care giving and financial management.


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