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Filing for divorce and closure are 2 different things

When a couple makes the decision to separate it’s likely that each person just wants put the past behind, move forward and find some type of closure. But, psychologists suggest that filing for divorce doesn’t necessarily mean partners will experience that sense of closure. Louisiana couples who jump into divorce proceedings, thinking it will be the cure for unhappiness might want to slow things down.

Making quick decisions from an emotional point — especially from hurt or anger — may not be wise. Rushing to end a marriage may be a big mistake and not necessarily because it’s not the wisest thing to be doing, but because there may be ways of going about things in a more civilized manner, such as through mediation or collaborative divorce. Discussions about divorce might be better put on hold until each person experiences living apart from the other for a while — moving away physically, emotionally and, in some cases, financially.

It might be best for both people when the last stage of separation is the filing and formalizing of a divorce agreement. Time may give each partner a chance to reassess the marriage and make decisions logically. In the meantime, a lawyer may be able to help fashion a separation agreement.

Divorce is never easy no matter what the circumstances are. The process can be draining on many levels. However, having the help of an experienced Louisiana divorce attorney might help to make the process easier. A lawyer can assist a client with various aspects in the divorce process such as helping with custody plans, explaining property division and negotiating a settlement. 


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