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Parenting and divorce: Who should be the disciplinarian?

Parents who have split up want to shield their children from pain as much as possible. When a Louisiana couple who are parents make the decision to divorce they have to make some difficult decisions about the welfare and raising of their kids as they move into the future as single individuals. One of the issues with which parents may have trouble is agreeing on disciplining their children and what that should look like when kids may be sharing two separate households. 

When parents have joint custody and they have two different parenting styles, kids can get a little confused or maybe even learn how to play both ends. Even when former spouses can’t get on the same page with their own relationship, they should try to iron out their differences when it comes to their kids. If the custodial parent was never the disciplinarian in the family home and he or she has to step up to fill that role now, it can seem overwhelming, but when two parents work together, they can help each other to do what’s best for their children.

As with all great parenting, communication is key. Former spouses need to discuss the rules they have for their kids with each other. It’s not a competition, but is about what’s best for the kids. When parents can compromise regarding the rules they have for their kids, the kids will be better for it and so will they. Children love both their parents and when former spouses come from that place, they may be able to put aside any negative emotions they may be harboring for each other and work together for their children’s sake.

A Louisiana lawyer may be able to provide the tools parents need to move forward in a stable and loving co-parenting arrangement. Divorce doesn’t negate the fact that two people will be connected to each other forever through their kids. When an attorney can provide clarification on the rules regarding child custody and co-parenting, his or her client may find co-parenting less stressful.


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