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Divorce in Louisiana and the 4 A’s

When it comes to marriages ending, chances are one or more of the four A’s might have been involved. When Louisiana couples find themselves thinking about divorce, it could mean that addiction, agendas, adultery or abuse had parts to play in the breakdown of the marriage — if not all of those, then perhaps one or two. Those are pretty hardcore reasons for a marriage splitting up as opposed to reasons considered to be less intense, such as growing apart, lack of communication, different life goals or no longer having anything in common.

Adultery is probably still the most objectionable reason behind the demise of a marriage. If a partner’s infidelity doesn’t outright kill a marriage, it certainly can put a massive strain on the relationship. The same is true with abuse, which can be physical, emotional and even financial. These two A’s can erode an affected spouse’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Addiction and agendas can also wear on a marriage. Addiction can also walk hand-in-hand with abuse and adultery. In terms of agendas — when couples are no longer on the same page when it comes to the important issues in their lives, like religion or when they don’t support each other in their personal goals, the marriage can take a big hit. 

It takes two people who work at a commitment to keep a marriage solid. When trust has been trampled upon it may never be re-established and divorce may be inevitable. When it comes to that point, a Louisiana lawyer may be able to offer advice and guidance regarding the legal options clients have when wishing to end their marriages. 


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