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Estate planning is particularly important for women in Louisiana

Estate plans are vitally important for every adult. But it is particularly important for women in Louisiana to give the estate planning process some consideration. Many women don’t pause to take stock of their financial lives. Many dismiss that part of their lives altogether, or leave it up to a spouse or a partner. Experts say that is a mistake.

A wealth management group at a major bank started women’s-only seminars to help women with this part of their lives, and they were surprised that younger women — those in their 20s — also signed up with their older counterparts in their 60s and 70s in some cases. Women want to learn about estate planning, it seems, and believe it will help them to deal with estate issues on the death of a loved one. The seminars are all-encompassing, including an area that deals with digital assets like social media accounts, for instance. 

These seminars also point out that it is important to discuss estate plans with family members, so they are apprised of the person’s wishes. If the woman has an interest in a business, there is also talk about a succession plan — what they are and how they work to ensure the business continues on. Finally, there is a discussion on keeping these legal documents safe and not just thrown into a filing cabinet to be forgotten.

Women in Louisiana who are interested in learning more about estate planning may wish to speak with an attorney who may be able to help her with the documents that should be included. An attorney can clear up misconceptions as well as answer questions about the process that may seem perplexing or daunting. Estate planning may not seem to complex when there is some understanding about the legalities that accompany it.


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