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Domestic violence in Louisiana: Spousal discipline unacceptable

No couple is ever going to agree on everything all the time. There may be times when tempers flare between Louisiana couples and the desire to lash out is strong. But there is a movement afoot that condones the spanking of a female in the relationship who is deemed by her partner to be out of line. This is supported by some religions, but by the majority of people, it is considered to be a form of domestic violence.

Those with the mindset that this acceptable behavior use the bible to back their actions. They also say the practice is nonerotic and is appropriate for a wife who disobeys her partner. But research on this practice shows that the action is sexually erotic and a form of BDSM. It is also an issue of control of the male over the female. Some women who agree with the discipline angle in their marriages see their husbands as having that right while some actually find the practice sexually arousing.

However, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence sees physical punishment of a female spouse as being domestic violence. They urge those — female or male — who are uncomfortable with what is happening within their relationships to seek counseling. It is through education that people are able to make informed, logical decisions.

Domestic violence is never acceptable in a relationship. Those who are in violent marriages have the right to speak to a Louisiana attorney to understand what their options are. A lawyer may also be able to extend a helping hand by providing the names of other professionals who may be able to help in a volatile situation. 


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